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Pediatric Ophthalmology

Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic

Ophthalmology Clinic has established a specialized children’s ophthalmology center, the Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic. Good vision is a prerequisite for the well-rounded life and development of every child.

Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic offers:

  • Unique set of computerized diagnostic equipment;
  • Special examination and treatment programs for children of different ages;
  • Integrated therapeutic treatment program for myopia, hyperopia, strabismus, accommodation spasm, amblyopia;
  • Ultrasound therapy, laser stimulation, vacuum massage, magnetic therapy, electrical stimulation;
  • Modern surgical treatment of strabismus and congenital diseases of the visual system;
  • Preventive programs.

Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic is staffed by ophthalmologists specializing in children’s vision, well-versed in the psychology of young patients. This means that diagnosis and treatment can be carried out most effectively and comfortably for both children and their parents.

The doctors at Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic specialize in myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus, amblyopia, congenital cataract and glaucoma, and other ophthalmologic pediatric conditions. The treatment approach to children’s disorders is different from the adult approach. Owing to the greater plasticity of the child’s visual system and its ability to change, a complex of treatment measures includes therapeutic treatment and vision correction with glasses or contact lenses, and surgical methods are used in case of specific indications. The modern techniques used in the complex treatment are as attenuated as possible, and the treatment effect is reliable and stable.

Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic in Kyiv and Odesa is equipped to the highest international standards and has all the technical capabilities for the effective treatment of children’s eye diseases. You can make an appointment with a pediatric ophthalmologist without waiting in a queue by filling out the online form below.

детский офтальмолог киев, одесса

A child’s vision system is much more susceptible to alterations than an adult’s one, so it is highly recommended that children have their eyes checked once a year. Regular visits to an ophthalmologist are just as vital as regular vaccinations and visits to the pediatrician.

Pediatric vision diagnostics at Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic is performed using a set of world-class, high-precision equipment. This provides us with complete information about a child’s state of vision, identifying the majority of eye disorders at the earliest stages and determining potential threats to a child’s vision.

Measurement of eye refraction, eyeball length, corneal curvature, and anterior chamber depth reveal the presence of refractive disorders. Particular attention is paid to checking binocular functions, i.e., the brain’s ability to create a uniform “picture” of what each eye sees separately. The modern examination must include a dilated pupil test, using a set of next-generation medications.

All diagnostic procedures at Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic are contact-free.

A complete overview of a child’s vision is compiled according to the diagnostic data. Information about each patient is stored in the clinic’s electronic database. This allows doctors to monitor vision changes over time.

Highly qualified pediatric ophthalmologists at Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic provide assistance in choosing the appropriate glasses or contact lenses to correct a child’s refractive error (myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism).

Therapeutic treatment

Sight is just being formed in childhood, and therefore it is the period when it is most likely to be improved without surgery, just with therapeutic methods and complex visual stimulation. All procedures at Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic are safe and painless.

Today, Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic has the widest range of facilities for non-invasive treatment in children and teenagers with unique equipment for myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, strabismus, binocular vision training, restoration of eye accommodation capacity, visual acuity increase.

Synoptophore is used as part of a set of therapeutic exercises that fuse two images into one. It trains eyesight in case of strabismus and improves overall eye mobility.

Laser therapy promotes retinal activation, thus increasing visual acuity. It is used for spasm, paresis, and paralysis of accommodation.

Electrical stimulation is required for dystrophic and atrophic processes in the retina and optic nerve, as the elasticity of blood vessels increases when exposed to the electric field.

Magnetotherapy is used to improve blood flow through the vessels, as well as blood supply to the brain and visual system.

Vacuum massage improves blood supply to the eyes, relieves visual tension and fatigue, and increases the efficiency of the visual system.

Computer programs restore binocular functions and develop a stereoscopic vision.

REAMED, a unique device working on the principle of biofeedback helps to restore normal functioning of the central parts of the brain responsible for vision. It is required to prevent and treat accommodation spasm, amblyopia, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and other visual disorders.

Pediatric ophthalmologic surgery

Pediatric ophthalmologic surgeries (strabismus, congenital cataract, and glaucoma) are conducted at the Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic solely if the state of a child’s visual system prevents the development of normal vision or poses a threat of blindness. All surgical interventions are performed as attenuated as possible, without hospitalization, on a single day basis.

Our clinic performs surgeries to correct strabismus of any complexity in cases where other methods cannot achieve the desired result.

Pediatric scleroplasty is performed to stop progressive myopia if the vision deteriorates by more than one diopter per year and interferes with the normal development of the child’s visual system. This technique is aimed at strengthening the posterior segment of the sclera and activating the metabolism in the eyeball membranes.

The clinic’s specialists offer unique surgeries for congenital conditions, including cataracts. At Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic, congenital cataracts are extracted using a safe and effective method, ultrasound phacoemulsification. The top-of-the-line equipment and the highest professionalism in the eye surgery department allow this operation to be performed even on babies up to the age of six months. You can make an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist by filling out the online form below or by calling us. Find out more in the Contact Us section.

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