Our medical centers are connected to powerful generators, so power outage schedules don`t influence us.
We work as usual and are ready to provide medical services in full for our patients. We are waiting for you in our centers.

Kyiv, st. Business, 5-B Odessa, st. Army, 8-B


Eximer Kyiv

Contact center
+38 (044) 238-68-00
+38 (096) 238-68-00

Service quality control manager+380 67 445 06 62

Mon. – Sat.: 9:00-18:00 by appointment.

[email protected]
Contact center

Free telephone line for residents
of Ukraine: 0-800-505-955

We value patient trust

If you have any questions or suggestions about the work of the center, we suggest that you send an appeal to the management of the clinic by mail:
[email protected]
Or call the customer service manager by phone:
+380 67 445 06 62
We will definitely help you resolve all issues.
We are waiting for you and your requests!