Laser vision correction 5D-Eye Lasik/Lasek
at a special price from 9 900 UAH for 1 eye

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Loyalty program


Tell about our ophthalmological center and get up to 20,000 UAH!

Eximer Ophthalmological Centers offer a money back program. This loyalty program is valid for patients who have undergone laser correction or cataract treatment in the network of ophthalmological centers “Eximer”.

Recommend treatment in our centers and get a cash reward. This is beneficial not only for you, but also for the people who received recommendations from you. They will be able to use high-quality ophthalmological services at special prices.

So, you recommend Eximer ophthalmological centers – we return your money in the form of bonuses. You only need to transfer coupons to your relatives, friends or acquaintances. For each patient who pays for laser correction of both eyes or cataract removal in both eyes, we pay you 1,000 hryvnias. In general, you can return up to 20,000 hryvnia (20 coupons).

The coupon is presented by the patient in our center, during the registration of an outpatient medical card for the “Primary Diagnostic Examination”.

The coupon allows the patient to receive:

  • 20% discount for the primary diagnosis of vision with a doctor’s consultation;
  • Discount 500 UAH when paying for laser correction or cataract removal in one eye;


The coupon is valid only upon presentation before issuing a medical card.
The coupon is the property of the Eximer Ophthalmological Center and is withdrawn after the initial treatment, but discounts for treatment remain.