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Video reviews

Patient feedback after cataract surgery

In 2016, Ruslana was diagnosed with cataracts. This disease was not treated and progressed. Ruslana went to three clinics in Kyiv, two of them refused treatment, and in the third clinic the operation was not very successful. Therefore, the patient was looking for a clinic where she could solve her health problems.

In 2018, Ruslana went to the Eximer Medical Center, where she underwent cataract surgery. Krasutsky Andrei Viktorovich operated.

The operation was successful and Ruslana is very happy with the result of the treatment.


Tatiana, patient of the ophthalmological center “Eximer Kyiv”.
From an early age, Tatiana had vision problems.
In adult life, this caused discomfort not only in everyday life, but in the professional sphere, at work.
Tatiana turned to the Eximer Center, underwent a comprehensive diagnosis and the doctors chose the best treatment.
Doctors of our center performed an operation – refractive lens replacement using femtolaser technology and implantation of trifocal lenses.
Tatiana is very happy that she can now see without glasses and contact lenses. And he advises everyone, no doubt, to trust the specialists of the ophthalmological center “Eximer” and solve vision problems. It’s worth it!

Cataract removal

Aliyev Narbiz Nasib oglu came to us from Baku.
He applied to the Eximer Ophthalmology Center on the recommendation of a friend who had previously undergone surgery at our center.
The man began to have poor eyesight, the diagnosis revealed that the cause of the cataract.
Cataract surgery on two eyes with implantation of trifocal IOLs was performed.
Now Aliyev Narbiz Nasib sees ogly well, is very pleased with the result, well and comfortable after the treatment. Many thanks to the doctors, as well as to all the staff of the excimer ophthalmology center.

Laser correction

Svetlana, did laser vision correction back in 2002. She is very happy with the result, which has been maintained throughout all these years – 100% vision! The patient is grateful to the Eximer Ophthalmology Center and all the medical staff of the clinic.

Larissa cataract removal

Larisa, a patient at the Eximer Ophthalmology Center.
The patient underwent treatment – removal of the cataract, using femto technology
After the operation, Larisa sees perfectly, and is very grateful to the doctor, Krasutsky Andrei Viktorovich,
all medical staff, as well as clinic managers.