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Video reviews

After cataract surgery I can see 100%

Nazar Vasyliovych is a patient of the Eximer Ophthalmological Center. The man faced with a sharp deterioration of vision on both eyes.

During the diagnosis he knew that he had cataracts. The loss of vision was such that the man hardly recognized people.

The patient deciced to do cataract surgery. The surgery was performed by an ophthalmic surgeon, a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) – Andrii Krasutskyi. During surgery the doctor removed cataract lenses and replace the lenses with artificial ones (intraocular lenses).

A month has passed since the operation. The patient’s vision is 100%. He feels great. Nothing prevents driving a car, which is a man’s favorite activity.

“The impressions from the Eximer clinic and the staff are excellent. I am glad that I chose this clinic.”

“I’m glad I have good eyesight.” Feedback after laser vision correction

The girl has been practicing fencing since childhood, and good eyesight is very important to her.

Therefore, as soon as she turned 18, she became interested in laser vision correction.

Friends recommended the ophthalmological center “Eximer”.
The patient came to our clinic and a month has passed since she is the happy owner of good eyesight!

Laser vision correction was performed by an ophthalmic surgeon, a leading specialist of the refractive department, a member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons – Yulia Leichenko.

The patient is very satisfied and happy that she has good eyesight.
And thanks to all the doctors of the “Eximer” medical center

And we wish Valeria success in competitions and Olympic records!

Feedback from a patient from China after laser vision correction

Many foreign patients come to us at Eximer, seeking laser vision correction in our clinic.
Shu Chen is from China. She is studying to be a dentist in Ukraine.

Good vision is very important for her work, and that is why she decided to undergo laser correction.

Shu Chen studied many ophthalmology clinics and chose Eximer as the clinic with the highest level of treatment.
The patient really liked the doctor’s diagnosis and consultation.

Based on medical indications and the patient’s wish, the technique was chosen – 5D Sport Smart Surf.
5D Sport Smart Surf is an innovative method of laser vision correction, which is performed 100% contact-free.

After the operation, Shu Chen can see the smallest letters on the table perfectly.
The patient is very satisfied with the results of the operation and is grateful to the doctor and the clinic.

Review of the patient after vision correction with refractive lens replacement

The patient had age-related farsightedness and vision of +4 diopters.

There was constant discomfort when working at a computer, reading, doing household chores. The glasses were just annoying. Therefore, the woman decided on a refractive lens replacement in both eyes.

Now the patient sees perfectly! She has 100% vision and is very happy that she can lead an active lifestyle and forget about glasses!

To improve your eyesight, sign up at the Eximer Ophthalmological Center.

Review after laser vision correction for astigmatism and myopia

Maria dreamed of good eyesight for many years. The girl had a high degree of myopia plus astigmatism.

After diagnosing vision, the doctors of the Eximer Ophthalmological Center confirmed that it is possible to do laser vision correction. And Maria immediately signed up for the operation, choosing the Femto Lasik technique.

It’s been almost a week since the operation. The girl’s vision has become much better and will continue to improve within a month. The patient is very satisfied with the clinic and the doctors: “Eximer has excellent specialists.

They really want to help improve vision.” And the patient recommends that everyone who wants to perform laser correction should seek help from the Eximer ophthalmological center. Thank you Maria for your trust and great review.


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