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Overnight lenses for children

Линзы ночного ношения для детей

Overnight lenses for children or orthokeratology for children is an optical method of affecting the cornea with special rigid lenses.

The concept of overnight lenses is quite simple and yet brilliant as well. Thanks to its special convex shape, the overnight lens exerts pressure on the cornea and gradually gives it a natural look for normal vision. Thus, reducing the curvature of the cornea, fixes myopia, although temporarily.

The orthokeratology method has been known for over 60 years. In fact, the idea of sleeping with contact lenses at night and then seeing well during the day without lenses has always appealed to specialists. But modern Paragon hard contact lenses appeared only in 2002 in the U.S. As for Ukraine, they were authorized by the Ministry of Health in 2005. Since then, they were introduced at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic..

Pros and cons of overnight lenses

A modern child’s life is quite eventful and often scheduled up to a minute. School, classes, tutors, training. All this requires attention, time, and energy. Thus, glasses often become an obstacle to reaching new heights. They may fall, break, get lost, get in the way. Therefore, the method of overnight vision correction is often a lifesaver for children and parents.

How do night lenses work?

детские ночные линзы
Corneal surface
to OK lenses
контактная коррекция зрения у детей
Corneal surface
after OK lenses

Benefits of overnight lenses for children

The major benefit of overnight contact lenses lies in their proven effectiveness in stopping myopia progression. In fact, it is the only method that successfully stops myopia progression during adolescence.
Parents often ask what the point of overnight lenses is since it looks like some kind of miracle to them. The child slept one night, and the next day he sees perfectly well without glasses or lenses.

The secret of overnight lenses resides in the fact that they have a special “reverse” geometry. And just like the sand that fills the mold, the first layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, redistributes and takes the shape of the inner surface of the lens. In the morning, the lens is removed, and the entire image is focused on the retina. Consequently, the child can see well. This helps stabilize myopia, and the growth of the eye slows down.

Another key benefit comes from the fact that overnight lenses for children are well tolerated. They are light, thin, and gas permeable. Thanks to the material of Paragon overnight lenses, they provide 100% oxygen permeability for the eye. In this matter, they are safer than soft contact lenses.

Moreover, the method of overnight vision correction allows the child to enjoy an active life without restricting his/her mobility with glasses or lenses.

Today, with the eyes becoming another pathway for viral infection, hard contact lenses may protect your child. Contact vision correction in children increases the child’s safety. Since no contact lenses or glasses are needed during the day, children avoid touching their eyes with their hands and consequently don’t get infections.

Overnight lenses for children are safe!

Statistically, 80% of those receiving refractive therapy are children, because refractive surgeries (excimer laser correction) are not performed before the age of 18. World experience has shown that children using Paragon orthokeratology lenses have a slower myopia progression and in 40% of cases, it stops completely.

Indications for overnight contact lenses

  1. For teenagers experiencing progressive myopia. Today, this condition usually starts at the age of 8, and it is crucial to stop vision deterioration at early school age. Nowadays, myopia is an epidemic.
  2. For myopia from -0.5 to -6 diopters. And for astigmatism up to -1.75 D.
  3. Children suffering from red eyes and tearing due to seasonal allergies.
  4. Those engaged in active sports.
  5. Children and adults willing to undergo laser correction, but not yet allowed due to age or fear, and eager to see what effect they would get from laser vision correction.

By the way, since overnight lenses for children stabilize the process of vision loss, it allows a teenager to be assured of laser vision correction when he or she turns 18 years old.

Contraindications to overnight lenses for children

Overnight contact lenses are not suitable:

  • In case of conjunctivitis and other infectious diseases.
  • If dry eye syndrome is pronounced and hard lenses cause constant discomfort.
  • When myopia is greater than -6 diopters and astigmatism is greater than 1.75 diopters.
  • In the case of corneal disorders, including inflammatory ones.

One must remember that hard overnight lenses for children, just like any other lenses, can cause complications. Therefore, it is crucial to follow your doctor’s recommendations clearly and consult your ophthalmologist if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms.

The experts at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic have been dealing with hard contact lenses since 2005. Their experience and skill allow them to offer the most accurate selection of overnight lenses and ensure effective treatment of your child’s vision.

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