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Femtosecond laser correction (Femto-LASIK)

Femtosecond laser correction is a revolutionary non-contact method of vision restoration!

  • Over 2.5 million corrections performed worldwide.
  • Unparalleled vision quality.
  • Fully laser technique.
  • Choice of the leading Western eye surgeons.

Femtosecond laser correction is the most progressive, attenuated, and innovative method of laser vision correction. The cornea is treated contact-free, without the use of cutting instruments. Individual peculiarities of cornea structure are taken into account during the correction and the vision is restored quickly irrespective of the initial degree of myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism.


The femtosecond laser technique was first used in the United States in 2001. Since 2013, femtosecond vision correction has been available in Ukraine.

Pros of femtosecond laser technology

During femtosecond laser vision correction, like LASIK, the excimer laser affects the inner corneal layers. The excimer laser generates a new corneal surface by changing its refracting power, and the vision is restored completely. To access the inner corneal layers, a very thin corneal tissue flap is formed. In the femtosecond laser technique, the flap is formed by a femtosecond laser without cutting into the cornea, which means it is completely non-invasive. This is why the femtosecond laser correction technique is also referred to as fully laser-based, or 100% LASIK. After the excimer laser is completed, the flap returns exactly to its original position and is reliably fixed by corneal collagen. It also serves as a natural protective lens, which makes the recovery period comfortable.

Benefits of using a femtosecond laser

Comparison of the flap surface formed with a microkeratome and a femtosecond laser under a microscope:

The corneal flap formed during femtosecond laser correction is uniform in thickness. The constant thickness of the corneal flap excludes the possibility of postoperative distortions due to the effect of inhomogeneous beam refraction, allows increasing the safety of the procedure, significantly reducing the rehabilitation period, achieving new contrast characteristics and clarity of vision.

Femtosecond laser function

A femtosecond laser, unlike a microkeratome, does not cut but rather splits the corneal tissue in a contact-free way. The femtosecond laser beam can be focused at a given depth of the cornea with an accuracy of several microns to create a microbubble layer. The eye surgeon can achieve any shape of a splitting plane with the highest precision by placing many microbubbles in the neighborhood (desired configuration) using a computer program. The femtosecond laser employs ultra-short pulses of light that last only one billionth of a second.

New opportunities for laser vision correction

The possibility to model a corneal flap precisely to individual parameters using femtosecond laser has significantly enlarged the scope of application of laser vision correction. Currently, eye surgeons of Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic can perform laser correction in patients with corneal anomalies, flat and thin cornea, dry eye, and other conditions of the eye optics. Until recently, people with such visual characteristics were to be denied laser correction. Now, thanks to the femtosecond laser technique, more people can gain excellent vision and get rid of glasses and contact lenses.

Femtosecond laser correction procedure

Femtosecond laser correction takes 10-15 minutes and is absolutely painless. During the femtosecond laser correction, a corneal flap is formed and then the excimer laser is used to shape the cornea. The vision is normalized the very next day.

Advantages of femtosecond laser vision correction:

  • Unique visual characteristics;
  • Maximum attenuated effect on the cornea;
  • No painful sensations;
  • Individual peculiarities of the vision system are taken into account;
  • Fast vision restoration;
  • Possibility to correct vision in people with thin cornea;
  • Wide range of applications: myopia up to -8D, hyperopia up to +4.

Femtosecond laser vision correction equipment

Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic employs unique equipment: SCHWIND AMARIS excimer laser and IntraLase FS60 femtosecond lasers.

Femtosecond laser vision correction is a choice of athletes, actors, celebrities, and even astronauts. Now it can be your choice as well thanks to Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic!


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