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Equipment for eximer laser vision correction

Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic uses a set of high-tech equipment from leading international companies to perform laser eye correction. The state-of-the-art laser systems enable to achieve excellent visual acuity and high-quality parameters such as dark adaptation, visual acuity in low-light conditions, ability to work at a computer or drive at night, etc.

Laser types for excimer laser vision correction

Amaris 500E Excimer Laser (Sshwind, Germany)

The Sсhwind Amaris 500E excimer laser embodies state-of-the-art technological innovations for laser vision correction systems. Numerous clinical studies have confirmed the high efficiency and safety of Amaris 500E to improve visual acuity and quality in patients with various forms of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and high-order aberrations (refractive distortions). Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment “AFLA” provides an optimal correlation between several laser pulses and the laser energy delivered to the tissue, resulting in quick ablation with optimal corneal topography alignment. The laser system with a 500 Hz laser pulse repetition rate is efficiently supplemented with a 5D eyetracker, which compensates for micro-movements of the eye in five dimensions. You will get better quality of correction. The procedure will be safe, and rehabilitation will be quick.

IntraLase FS60 femtosecond laser (USA)

A femtosecond laser is used to perform excimer laser correction according to a revolutionary femtosecond laser technique. During femtosecond laser vision correction, a corneal flap is created not with a microkeratome but with a femtosecond laser beam, i.e., it is absolutely contact-free. The IntraLase FS60 femtosecond laser has a high frequency and short pulse duration. Pulse duration is measured in femtoseconds (a trillionth of a second, 10-15 seconds), which allows separating corneal layers at the molecular level without heat emission and mechanical effect on surrounding eye tissues. The femtosecond laser beams are focused at a given depth with an accuracy of up to several microns to create a microbubble layer of the desired configuration. By positioning multiple microbubbles adjacent to each other using a computer-controlled program, the eye surgeon can obtain a splitting plane of absolutely any shape with the utmost precision.

Corneal flap formed during femtosecond laser correction is uniform in thickness, is thin, and has smooth borders. The constant thickness of the corneal flap excludes high-order aberrations due to the effect of inhomogeneous beam refraction, increasing safe procedure and dramatically reducing the rehabilitation period. The perfectly smooth surface of the corneal tissue delamination border enables to achieve a significant reduction of rehabilitation period and preserve high contrast sensitivity.

The IntraLase FS60 femtosecond laser is part of the completed iLasik product line. It works together with Amaris 500E excimer laser and WaveScan aberrometer. This complex makes it possible to perform laser vision correction, considering the slightest peculiarities of the patient’s visual system.

Wave scan aberrometer

The Wave scan aberrometer makes it possible to determine the extent of even more complex visual impairments than the well-known ones such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Preoperative eye scanning with the Wave Scan analyzer allows measuring the total distortions of all the optical media (the optical parameters of the cornea, anterior chamber, lens, vitreous body are being accounted for), measuring the total refractive error of the eye, detecting all the existing optical distortions (aberrations) of both lower and higher orders and developing individual correction program to compensate them during excimer laser vision correction in a maximum possible way to get the highest level of accuracy.


The Moria Evolution 3 Microkeratome

The result of excimer laser correction depends not only on the laser but also on such an important device as a microkeratome. It is needed to perform excimer laser correction by the most popular LASIK technique, which involves treating the inner cornea rather than the outer cornea layers. Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic employs a microkeratome by the world-renowned Moria Company. The design of the microkeratome rings provides for flexible adjustment of the equipment to the individual characteristics of a patient’s eye, thus making it possible to achieve precise correction results and the required visual characteristics.

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