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Selection of glasses and contact lenses

Подбор очков и контактных линз

For those people who choose glasses and contact lenses as a way to solve vision problems, the doctors of the Eximer clinic will select an optical correction. Properly selected glasses for vision and contact lenses are the key to accurate and comfortable correction, which can only be obtained in a specialized center for contact vision correction.


Why is it necessary to choose glasses and lenses in an ophthalmological clinic?

The main requirement for optical correction is that it must provide comfort and the necessary visual characteristics. If this does not happen, then the glasses or lenses are not matched correctly. Ophthalmological offices in clinics, opticians, kindergartens and schools do not always have at their disposal the necessary equipment to fully determine all the parameters of vision, and the staff often does not pay due attention and time to the procedure for selecting glasses and lenses. The result of such a cursory selection can be incorrectly made glasses, which means discomfort and other vision problems. The Eximer contact vision correction center selects optics after diagnosing vision, so doctors take into account all the features of the visual system, as well as other factors: lifestyle, occupation, age and preferences of the patient.

What are the dangers of wearing the wrong glasses and lenses?

The wrong choice of glasses for vision and contact lenses can cause increased fatigue and headaches and damage the visual system. Due to the fact that a person does not receive the desired quality of vision, there may be problems with work, in everyday life, and for schoolchildren – difficulties with learning.

Long-term wearing of improperly selected optics causes not only visual discomfort, but can also provoke the development of other vision problems. In addition, when a person switches to another, correctly selected optics, he may experience discomfort for a long time. The peculiarity of our brain is that it gets used to even the wrong picture, and it takes some time to adapt to a new one.

In the case of the selection of contact lenses for the eyes – incorrectly selected or bought in optics without consulting a doctor, without learning to wear lenses, can lead to disastrous consequences: keratitis, inflammatory diseases, corneal injuries. A lens is a foreign body in the eye and should only be fitted by an ophthalmologist. The selection procedure is considered completed when the patient’s comfortable sensations, his high visual acuity and the correct “fit” of the lenses on the eyes match.

It is not uncommon for a person to wear incorrectly selected glasses for years, not to see very well, but under the pretext of “I’m used to these glasses” not to pick up new ones. It must be remembered that vision changes over the years, and the same glasses are not able to compensate for these changes. In addition, vision may be impaired due to diseases such as cataracts or keratoconus. In these cases, glasses will not restore visual acuity and treatment is necessary.

In children, incorrect correction (or its appointment when it is not required, for example, with false myopia) can lead to the development of serious diseases: strabismus, true myopia, amblyopia. Not to mention the fact that a child without the necessary correction does not receive a clear vision, which means that he quickly gets tired, experiences physical and psychological discomfort.

Benefits of choosing glasses and contact lenses in Eximer clinics

  1. The selection of optical correction takes place on the basis of data from a diagnostic examination of the visual system, which allows you to correct deviations as accurately as possible.
  2. The selection of glasses and contact lenses according to the relevant parameters is carried out by qualified ophthalmologists (adults and children).
  3. Individual approach: when choosing optics, not only the characteristics of the patient’s visual system are taken into account, but also his lifestyle, age, profession.
  4. It is possible to select exclusive lenses on an individual order.
  5. In case of difficulties with the selection or intolerance of glasses, the Eximer clinic will offer alternative ways to solve vision problems.

How glasses and contact lenses are selected in Eximer clinics

Eyeglasses, soft contact lenses, scleral hard lenses, multifocal lenses, night wear lenses are selected at the Eximer Ophthalmological Center. As a rule, the selection of optics in the Eximer clinic is based on the data of a complete vision diagnosis. The doctor will find out for what purposes glasses are needed, namely: for constant wear, working at a computer, for reading, driving a car, and so on. Specific tests are also carried out for direct selection: a test for subjective tolerance, for binocularity, muscle balance, anisometropia, duochromic test, measurement of interpupillary distance. The selection of glasses, contact lenses and lenses for night wear (orthokeratology) is done by an ophthalmologist in a specialized office. If the patient is trying contact correction for the first time, the doctor will teach him how to put on lenses and how to use them. Lenses are selected on the basis of general examination data.

A modern full diagnostic examination involves an examination with a dilated pupil to examine the internal structures of the eye and the fundus. It is impossible to choose the right glasses with a dilated pupil, so you will need a separate visit to the Eximer contact center for vision correction.

Possibilities of optical correction in Eximer clinics

Modern developments in the field of spectacle and contact lenses allow you to individually approach the correction and take into account all the requirements of the patient.


In the Eximer clinic, all types of glasses and contact lenses are selected, including astigmatic ones, made according to individual parameters.

In the optics of the Eximer clinic, you can choose and order glasses:

  • spherical for the correction of myopia, hyperopia;
  • spherocylindrical with astigmatism.

Multifocal glasses:

  • progressive (needed for those who have lost natural accommodation and have developed age-related farsightedness, but at the same time there are other refractive errors, for example, myopia. Such glasses replace several pairs at once and allow you to see well at close, medium and far distances) from Rodenstock and Essilor;
  • office (provide good vision at close and medium distances),
  • bifocals (consist of two connected lenses – for near and far vision);
  • glasses for drivers (distant and medium vision is corrected).

Lenses can be with various medical filters: for example, anti-reflective and photochromic glasses.

Anti-glare glasses are glasses with special polarized lenses. Such lenses provide reliable eye protection from light glare of various origins (from the windshield of a car, computer screen, water), negative UV radiation, and blinding headlights of oncoming cars. In addition, wearing anti-reflective glasses helps relieve tension in the intraocular muscles, which helps maintain visual acuity and provides visual comfort.

Photochromic glasses, or “chameleon glasses”, are glasses with photochromic lenses. Transparent in the room, they darken when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, thus acting as sunglasses.

In the optics of the Eximer clinic, there is a large selection of soft contact lenses (SCL) for both daily wear and scheduled replacement.

Here they select spherical (for the correction of myopia), toric (for the correction of astigmatism), multifocal (for the correction of age-related farsightedness), colored and tinted lenses (both with and without diopters), lenses made to order (Wöhlk Contact Individual Toric SH firm Zeiss, Germany).

For some pathologies of the cornea (for example, with keratoconus), doctors select Paragon NormalEyes rigid scleral daily wear lenses.

The Eximer clinic also selects Paragon lenses for night wear.

Our pricing policy will pleasantly surprise you. You can get acquainted with the assortment and cost by going to the corresponding tab of the site.

Selection of optical correction for children in the Eximer clinic

Optical correction in children is often part of the treatment process (nearsightedness, farsightedness, strabismus, amblyopia), and in any case makes it possible to adequately perceive the world around us and develop harmoniously. The selection of glasses and contact lenses for children at the Eximer clinic is based on a diagnostic examination. This is the only way to assign the correct correction.

Particularly high demands are placed on the quality of children’s optics. In order for vision correction with glasses to take place properly, a lot of parameters must be taken into account: safety, reliable and correct fixation throughout the day, and, of course, the child should like the glasses and be comfortable in them. Also, the doctors of the Kyiv center “Eximer” have experience in the selection of contact lenses, even for small children.

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