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Treatment of strabismus

лечение косоглазия

Treatment of strabismus in the Eximer clinic is carried out using effective therapeutic, hardware and surgical methods. However, you need to know that the correction of strabismus in adults is a long process that requires a systematic and responsible approach (including from the patient). The sooner the treatment of strabismus begins, the more likely it is to get a good result.

Strabismus is not only a cosmetic defect that complicates life, but, above all, a serious ophthalmic disease. Strabismus can and should be corrected: for this, the Eximer clinic has all the modern facilities and qualified specialists.

In the Kiev ophthalmological center “Eximer”, an integrated approach is used in the correction of strabismus. Methods and tactics of treatment are selected individually depending on many factors: the age of the patient, the cause of strabismus, the degree and side of deviation of the squinting eye, and many others. And the price of correcting strabismus depends on the chosen methods.

Causes of strabismus

  • the presence of ametropia (farsightedness, myopia, astigmatism) of medium and high degrees;
  • trauma;
  • paralysis and paresis;
  • anomalies in the development and attachment of the oculomotor muscles;
  • diseases of the central nervous system;
  • stress;
  • infectious diseases (measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, influenza, etc.);
  • somatic diseases;
  • mental trauma (fright);
  • a sharp decrease in visual acuity of one eye.

Correction of strabismus in children and adults

There are many ways to correct strabismus, and this will depend not only on the type of strabismus, the degree of development of the pathology, but also on the age of the patient. In early childhood, the visual system is the most flexible and sensitive to therapeutic therapeutic and hardware effects, so strabismus can be eliminated without resorting to surgical intervention. To get rid of the disease in older people, hardware methods alone are not enough – one of the methods for treating strabismus in adults is surgery.

Hardware treatment of strabismus

Hardware treatment of strabismus is a long, complex and multi-stage process. Hardware treatment gives a good effect and, in certain forms of strabismus, allows you to completely get rid of it without surgical intervention. You need to be prepared for the fact that it will take time and patience to successfully get rid of strabismus. However, the result – getting rid of strabismus – is worth it. In addition, the hardware treatment of strabismus is aimed not only at correcting strabismus, but also at preventing amblyopia, improving visual acuity and restoring its binocular functions – volumetric vision.

Surgical treatment of strabismus

The decision to treat strabismus with the help of surgery is made individually, depending on the degree of manifestation of the pathology and many other factors. In the Eximer Ophthalmological Center, surgical treatment of strabismus in adults is carried out without hospitalization. During the intervention, the individual features of the structure of the visual apparatus of each patient are taken into account. Operations are performed by top-class ophthalmic surgeons. Unique microsurgical equipment is used, only sparing preparations are used.

Stages of strabismus treatment

For any type of strabismus, four stages of treatment are mandatory:

  • pleoptic, aimed at improving visual acuity;
  • orthooptic – for setting the eyes straight, including surgically;
  • diploptic, aimed at the simultaneous work of the eyes;
  • development of stereoscopic perception – three-dimensional, deep and spatial vision.

Advantages of strabismus treatment at Eximer Clinic:

  • all modern possibilities and methods of strabismus treatment in the arsenal of one ophthalmological clinic;
  • individual approach: the treatment program is selected for each patient on the basis of a thorough diagnosis of the visual system;
  • high-class ophthalmologists with extensive experience working with even the smallest children;
  • hardware and surgical equipment of the latest generation;
  • safe and sparing microsurgery;
  • all stages of strabismus treatment are controlled by the attending physician;
  • reasonable prices, promotions, loyalty system.
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