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Hardware treatment of strabismus

Hardware treatment, what is it?

Hardware treatment is a set of classes on special devices that allows you to normalize visual functions.

Hardware treatment of strabismus is most effective in childhood, when the visual system is still being formed and responds well to therapeutic effects. Hardware treatment courses at the Eximer Clinic are aimed at correcting certain types of strabismus, restoring visual acuity, normalizing binocular functions, preventing or treating amblyopia, which often accompanies strabismus. Hardware procedures can also be included in the rehabilitation program after surgical treatment of strabismus in both children and adults.

Hardware treatment of strabismus is aimed at:

  • to improve visual acuity;
  • on the formation of joint work of both eyes;
  • to set the eyes in a straight position;
  • to prevent or treat amblyopia;
  • on the development of stereoscopic perception – three-dimensional, deep and spatial vision.

How long does a course of hardware treatment of strabismus last?

The course and duration of hardware procedures in the Eximer Ophthalmological Center are determined by the attending physician individually for each patient, depending on the form and degree of strabismus, the state of the visual system. The price of hardware treatment of strabismus also depends on these parameters.

The course should be taken 2-3 times a year, within two to three years, repeat courses of hardware treatment to achieve the desired permanent effect. The attending physician draws up not only an individual program of courses, but also a schedule of examinations, since control plays a crucial role in the process of hardware treatment of strabismus. To achieve the effect, you must clearly follow the schedule of treatment and examinations, do not skip the procedure.

In the Eximer clinic, hardware and physiotherapy procedures in the treatment of children are carried out in a playful way, so children do not perceive them as a medical procedure and are happy to do it. All devices are located in specially equipped “gym” rooms for convenience: there is no need to move around several rooms. The process of classes is controlled by the attending physician.

Complex of equipment and programs for hardware treatment of strabismus in Eximer clinics

  • “Synoptofor” is one of the main devices for training vision in strabismus and other types of binocular eye interaction disorders. “Synoptofor” allows you to conduct a set of therapeutic training, with the help of which the images obtained from both eyes are merged into a single volumetric one. With strabismus, this function is usually impaired. Classes on the device also improve the overall mobility of the eyes, increase the margin of safety of the visual system.
  • The complex “Amblyokor” (“Reamed”) is used to treat and prevent the development of amblyopia, spasm of accommodation, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. The operation of the device is based on the method of video-computer auto-training. While the child is watching a cartoon, the device, using sensors, takes information about the work of the eyes, while simultaneously recording the encephalogram of the brain. In this case, the image on the screen is preserved only during the “correct” vision and disappears as soon as it ceases to be clear. Thus, the device, as it were, forces the brain to subconsciously reduce periods of non-contrast vision. This approach optimizes the work of neurons in the visual cortex, and vision is significantly improved.
  • The device “Musculotrainer” is necessary for training the external rectus muscles of the eye.
  • The device “Forbis” is used in violation of binocular vision, amblyopia, reduced accommodation.
  • The universal laser therapeutic apparatus MACDEL-00.00.08 is used in ophthalmology to improve spatial vision, accommodation functions, and visual acuity.
  • Laser radiation is applied to the screen, which is located 8-10 cm from the patient’s eye. The therapeutic effect is due to the observation of changes in the volume and structure of the image that appears on the screen, which stimulates the work of the receptor (nerve) cells of the retina. In the Eximer clinic, in the treatment of strabismus, a software-computer complex is also used: the Eye computer program, the Meko software package, the Chibis, Relax, Klinok programs and others.

There are forms of strabismus when only hardware treatment and wearing glasses are used, and there are cases when surgical intervention is indispensable. In such situations, a sparing operation to correct strabismus is performed at the Kiev Eximer Center.

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