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«Eximer KIDS» Pediatric Ophthalmology in Brovary

«Eximer KIDS» Pediatric Ophthalmology in Brovary

The pediatric ophthalmology «Eximer KIDS» is already available in the city of Brovary. The new branch of the ophthalmic clinics «Eximer» is located at: Brovary, Symonenko Street, 30, Krona Park Residential Complex.

Now, high-quality ophthalmic services for children are available without leaving the city.

Services we provide

Eximer offers ophthalmology with advanced technologies, highly qualified doctors, and modern equipment. We guarantee high-quality diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of eye diseases.


At the «Eximer» pediatric ophthalmology in Brovary, you can receive the following services:


  • Check a child’s vision from 0 to 18 years old using modern digital equipment.
  • Receive a qualified consultation from an ophthalmologist and recommendations for treatment.
  • Receive consultation and treatment for inflammatory processes.
  • For strabismus, undergo specialized consultation and therapeutic procedures.
  • Undergo hardware treatment to stimulate the visual system.
  • Obtain a certificate for the pediatrician for school or kindergarten.
  • Select glasses and contact lenses.

Advantages of diagnosis and treatment at «Eximer KIDS» 

  • Providing quality diagnostic services at a convenient time for you, making the visit to the clinic as comfortable as possible.
  • High level of qualification and professionalism of our specialists.
  • Modern equipment from leading world manufacturers.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic examination programs will help determine the condition of the child’s visual system, detect diseases at an early stage, and start timely treatment.
  • Monitoring the development of a child’s vision with patient history and medical documentation.
  • Examination of children from birth to 18 years old.

Possibility of receiving specialized narrow-profile treatment, if necessary, at the main branch of the network in Kyiv, at Dilova Street, 5B.

Service Fees
Basic diagnostic examination with a consultation from an ophthalmologist: 600 UAH
Diagnostic examination with pupil dilation and a consultation from an ophthalmologist:  800 UAH
Express diagnosis for school/kindergarten certificate 450 UAH
Hardware treatment, 1 session 250 UAH
Course of hardware treatment (10 sessions) from 2500 UAH

Consultations by Specialists

At the «Eximer» ophthalmology in Brovary in Brovary, pediatric ophthalmologists with extensive practical experience are available for consultations.

Elena Varga

Leading specialist of the Pediatric Department, ophthalmologist of the highest category, member of the Association of Children's Ophthalmologists of Ukraine "ADOU", specialist in orthokeratology treatment

Natalia Svishcheva

Second category ophthalmologist, pediatric department, member of the Ukrainian Association of Children's Ophthalmologists "ADOU", specialist in orthokeratology treatment

How to Become Our Patient

The «Eximer KIDS» pediatric ophthalmology in Brovary operates by appointment.


You can schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist by calling:


+38 096 238 68 00

 +38 067 333 91 91


Or by filling out the form on the website 


Our goal is to preserve the eyesight of children so they can grow up healthy and happy.

Medical Practice License

Pediatric ophthalmology address

Eximer KIDS Brovary 

30, Symonenko Street, Krona Park Residential Complex, Kabimed

Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: By appointment only.


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