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Amblyokor — a device for restoring visual acuity

Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic has a unique Amblyokor complex, developed by leading specialists of the Brain Institute. The device is based on the video computer auto-training method, which allows overcoming the habit of suppressing vision in one of the eyes.

The Amblyokor device allows solving a wide range of problems. The treatment with Amblyokor takes place in the following way. The patient watches a movie or a cartoon on the screen, while special sensors record information about the work of the eyes, simultaneously registering the brain encephalogram. At the same time, the image on the screen is saved only with the “correct” vision and disappears as soon as it is no longer clear. Thus, the device kind of forces the brain to subconsciously shorten the periods of non-contrast vision. This approach optimizes the work of the neurons of the visual cortex, resulting in a significant visual improvement.

Amblyokor principle of operation

The patient is in front of a TV set (1) showing a video film on the screen. An electroencephalogram (EEG) over the visual cortex projection (3) is recorded in the patient (2). The signal from the EEG amplifier (4) is transmitted to the computer (5) for real-time analysis of the brain biocurrents. The computer constantly evaluates the summary activity of the neurons in the visual cortex based on EEG parameters and identifies phases of their growing or weakening activity. Depending on the oscillation phase of the activity of the visual cortex neurons, the computer controls the video signal from the video recorder (6) by turning on or off the TV screen.

Visual system malfunction can be caused by various reasons. But since the Amblyokor treatment is based on the self-regulation principle, a different mechanism is triggered each time. For example, in the case of myopia, excessive strain is relieved, in other cases, on the contrary, the process of triggering visual activity takes place.


Amblyokor treatment provides excellent results. In the case of myopia and hyperopia, the visual acuity increases by 2-4 lines of the chart in more than 90% of patients. In addition, patients with moderate and mild myopia no longer use glasses constantly; with severe cases, the optical correction decreases by 2-3 diopters. With strabismus, the full or partial effect is achieved in 80% of cases and the strabismus angle is reduced or eliminated at all. In cases of refractive or anisometropic amblyopia after one or two courses of treatment, more than 90% of patients get rid of their condition (the criterion is an increase in visual acuity on the squinting eye up to 0.4).

DIAGNOSIS Form (degree) Number of patients Vis (medium)
before treatment
Vis (medium)
after treatment
MYOPIA (n=2320) Light degree
Average degree
Severe degree
(including presbyopia)
1400 Increasing spiciness
vision for 3 – 5 lines
test tables (n=893)
AMBLYOPIA (n=2180) Refractive
2200 % cure
More than 90% (withdrawal of diagnosis)
More than 60% (withdrawal of diagnosis)
More than 50% (recovery
binocular vision)

This method of therapeutic treatment is absolutely safe. The effectiveness of Amblyokor treatment is not affected by the disease onset or its duration. Ophthalmologists claim that a reflex system is formed after 15-20 daily half-hour sessions, capable of optimizing the work of the visual cortex neurons, which compensates for many visual defects and increases visual acuity. But with all the benefits of this device, it is especially effective along with other types of machine-assisted therapy.

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