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Pediatric machine-assisted therapy

Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic offers a unique set of modern machine-assisted and physical therapy techniques, allowing to treat children’s eye conditions without surgery, relieving fatigue, and increasing the safety margin of the child’s visual system. The course and types of procedures are chosen individually for each patient depending on the condition and the state of the visual system.

For what diseases is hardware eye treatment prescribed in children?

Machine-assisted procedures can also be effective in preparing a child’s vision for the academic year and relieving visual overexertion, which leads to myopia and other diseases if left untreated.

Machine-assisted techniques at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic

Eximer KIDS Ophthalmology Clinic offers the following techniques for treating and preventing children’s eye disorders:

  • Infrared laser therapy
    Infrared laser therapy (short-distance infrared exposure of the eye) allows improving nourishment of eye tissues and relieving accommodation spasm, one of the major causes of myopia. The infrared laser therapy device provides a “physiological massage” of the intraocular ciliary muscle, which is responsible for normal accommodation.
  • Vacuum massage
    The vacuum massage takes advantage of a variable vacuum as a therapeutic factor. The desired effect is achieved through pressure variations in special glasses – “mini-vacuum chambers”. The procedure provides an increase in blood circulation and improves the work of the ciliary muscles. Vacuum massage significantly improves the hydrodynamics of the eye as well.
  • Laser therapy
    Laser therapy sessions are performed to improve spatial vision, accommodation functions, and visual acuity. The laser beam is applied to a screen that is located 8-10 cm from the child’s eye. The therapeutic effect is achieved by observing changes in the volume and structure of the image appearing on the screen, which stimulates the receptor (nerve) cells of the retina.

  • Electrical stimulation
    Electrical stimulation is used for dystrophic and atrophic processes in the optic nerve and retina. It means stimulation with a dosed electric current of low intensity. It improves the pulse conduction in the optic nerve. The procedure is absolutely painless.
  • Magnetotherapy
    Magnetotherapy (using the traveling reverse magnetic field as a therapeutic factor) in combination with medication therapy provides an opportunity to get rid of inflammatory and edematous processes. It is effective for keratitis (corneal inflammation) and neuritis. Amblio-1 attachment to Atos universal magnetotherapy device is quite effective in the treatment of amblyopia.
  • Streamlet device («Ручеёк» in Russian)
    Streamlet device is used to train the accommodation ability. During treatment, the child focuses his/her sight on a symbol at close or far distances. The device allows changing the distance from minimal (12 cm) to maximal (more than 10 m, which is almost the same as infinity during training). Streamlet device is used for prophylaxis, stabilization, and treatment of myopia, as well as the removal of accommodation spasm. It can also be used for amblyopia of different origins, hyperopia, astigmatism, and for rehabilitation during the postoperative period.
  • Synoptophore
    The Synf synoptophore is a leading device for vision training in strabismus and other types of binocular interaction disorders. This device allows for a set of therapeutic training sessions that fuse two images into one. It trains vision in strabismus and other types of binocular interaction disorders, improves overall eye mobility, and increases visual reserves.
  • Amblyokor (Reamed)
    Amblyokor (Reamed) is an effective and targeted tool for treating and preventing amblyopia, accommodation spasm, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. The device is based on the method of video computer auto-training. While a child is watching a cartoon, the unit uses sensors to record information about the eyes and the brain encephalogram at the same time. The image on the screen is saved only with the “correct” vision and disappears as soon as it is no longer clear. Thus, the device kind of forces the brain to subconsciously shorten the periods of non-contrast vision. This approach optimizes the work of the neurons of the visual cortex, resulting in a significant visual improvement.
  • A set of computer programs
    Such computer programs as Spiders, Crosses, Flower, Eye, Plover, Blade combine specific visual stimulation with non-specific stimulation of visual centers in the cerebral cortex. They allow you to increase children’s visual acuity in a playful way and promote the development of binocular functions.

Children’s eyesight problems can be well treated with the most attenuated methods. Machine-assisted physiotherapy treatment in most cases allows solving serious problems in a playful way and preserving the health of children’s eyes!

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