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Treatment of spasm of accommodation (false myopia)

False myopia (or spasm of accommodation) requires a special approach in diagnosis and treatment. The symptoms of false myopia (deterioration of distance vision) are similar to the true one, but the nature of the disease and treatment are different.


What is false myopia?

With false myopia (accommodation spasm), the reason for the decrease in vision is the constant overstrain of the muscle located inside the eye and responsible for its focus. With true (anatomical) myopia, the anteroposterior axis of the eyeball is lengthened.

Causes of false myopia (accommodation spasm)

The main factor in the development of false myopia (accommodation spasm) in children is recognized by ophthalmologists as a long-term load at close range, which negatively affects the unformed children’s visual system. Today, children learn to write and read early, begin to “communicate” with a computer and other gadgets. The child’s vision is not adapted to close work. Normally, children are farsighted by nature, that is, they look into the distance without strain, and when reading, they use the focus of the eye as much as possible. A prolonged load near causes a persistent overstrain of the focusing apparatus of the eye in a child. This condition is called accommodation spasm and becomes one of the main causes of myopia in children.

What is dangerous false myopia?

The lack of timely therapeutic treatment of accommodation spasm leads to the development of true myopia. The eyeball begins to lengthen, the sclera – the dense shell of the eye – becomes less durable and continues to stretch, which means that myopia will progress.

Diagnosis of false myopia

To determine what caused the visual impairment in a child – true or false myopia, is possible only with the help of a comprehensive diagnosis of the visual system using modern equipment. Correct diagnosis is important for the selection of a treatment program. All modern possibilities for diagnostics are available at the Eximer clinic.

Do I need glasses for false myopia?

If, with true myopia, wearing a correctly selected optical correction is mandatory to ensure a comfortable vision of the child, then with a spasm of accommodation, glasses can fix the situation and only do harm.

Treatment of accommodation spasm in children at Eximer clinics

False myopia (accommodation spasm) requires mandatory therapeutic treatment, the course of hardware procedures is selected by the doctor. The child’s visual system is developing, it is flexible and susceptible not only to negative influences, but, fortunately, to therapeutic effects. For the treatment of spasm of accommodation in children and the prevention of true myopia, the Excimer Ophthalmological Center uses treatment programs that activate blood circulation and nutrition of all structures of the eye, the work of the central sections of the visual analyzer, and prevent visual impairment. The course of procedures may include laser stimulation, vacuum and laser massages of the intraocular ciliary muscle, magnetotherapy, electrical stimulation and other procedures. Classes are held in the form of a game. Children improve memory, concentration and coordination of movements, along with this, the “margin of safety” of the visual system increases, and the likelihood of developing myopia is significantly reduced.

Recommendations for parents

  1. Take your child to an ophthalmologist once a year.
  2. Limit the time your child spends on the computer and other gadgets.
  3. Arrange proper lighting and organization of the child’s workplace.
  4. Make sure that the child observes the regime of visual loads (it will be recommended by the doctor). It is necessary to take breaks every 30-35 minutes of work at the desk (for younger students – 20-25 minutes).
  5. To relieve tension, gymnastics for the eyes helps well.
  6. Move more, walk in the fresh air.
  7. Watch your diet: the diet should contain proteins, vitamins and trace elements such as Zn, Mn, Cu, Cr and others.
  8. Teach your child how to sit properly at a desk. Make sure that during work, the light falls on the book or notebook evenly, at the same time, the head and face should remain in the shade. It is best to study with a table lamp, while leaving general lighting.

Accommodation disorders develop not only in childhood. Spasm of accommodation in adults leads to age-related farsightedness.

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