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Vision diagnostics in children under one year of age

According to ophthalmologists, a newborn baby’s visual acuity is extremely low. It is about 0.005-0.015. During the first months, it gradually increases to 0.01-0.03. By the age of 2, it increases to 0.2-0.3, and only by the age of 6-7, it reaches 1.0.

Routine visits to an ophthalmologist from infancy are just as important as regular vaccinations and visits to a pediatrician. The first examination of a child’s vision is done in the maternity home to detect congenital diseases (cataract, retinal tumor (retinoblastoma), glaucoma, inflammatory diseases). Premature babies must be examined to rule out retinopathy of prematurity and optic nerve atrophy.

The first year of life is a period of the intensive vision development, so your child should be examined by an ophthalmologist at one month, six months, and one year.

A unique device at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic!

Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic introduced a new device, the PlusOptix A09 pediatric autorefractometer, enabling you online:

  • Measuring the eye refraction;
  • Analyzing the corneal reflex (symmetrical or asymmetrical);
  • Measuring the pupil diameter of both eyes and the distance between them;
  • Constructing the fixation behavior.

The PlusOptix A09 autorefractometer offers the unique feature of obtaining accurate binocular refractive measurements from a distance of 1 meter, without pupil dilation. The device measures both eyes simultaneously.

Who can benefit from the PlusOptix A09 autorefractometer vision test?

The Plusoptix A09 pediatric autorefractometer allows you to measure refraction in children of any age (including infants), children with nystagmus, and challenging patients.

How does the PlusOptix A09 autorefractometer work?

The PlusOptix A09 autorefractometer measurement principle is based on dynamic photosciascopy (infrared radiation). Note that infrared radiation is harmless to a child’s eyes. For instance, it is found in daylight and is invisible to our eyes.

During the examination, infrared light is projected through the pupil onto the retina. Depending on refractive error, the reflected bright light creates a special bright pattern inside the pupil. The spherical reflection is calculated based on this sickle-shaped pattern. The same measurements are repeated along the three meridians to determine the cylinder and axis.

Examination in a playful way!

Pediatric diagnostics, especially diagnostics of infants, has always posed a certain difficulty. A small child, unlike an adult, cannot comply with all the doctor’s requirements. He may twist his head, rarely sit still, and is unable to concentrate his gaze for too long.

All measurements with the PlusOptix A09 autorefractometer are performed in a playful way: the camera emits a special sound, thus attracting the child’s attention and the screen shows a smiling face. It takes just a few seconds to determine the refraction without contact, so the child does not get tired or feel any discomfort.

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