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Glaucoma surgery — non-penetrating deep sclerectomy

A non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) is an effective surgical procedure for open-angle glaucoma at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic. This surgery restores the natural fluid balance in the eye.

A special feature of NPDS consists in the fact that to facilitate the fluid outflow from the anterior eye chamber in glaucoma, no through holes are created, but the peripheral section of the corneal membrane is surgically or laser thinned, which has natural moisture permeability. Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy can be combined with implantation of special collagen drains, which prevent tissue scarring and reduce the surgical effect in the future. The use of excimer, YAG and argon lasers also increases the effectiveness of NPDS. Laser-assisted surgery is performed without dissecting the eyeball.

Benefits of non-penetrating deep sclerectomy (NPDS) surgery:

  • Low injury to the eye tissues;
  • Surgery is performed on a single day basis;
  • Quick visual rehabilitation (1-2 days);
  • Minor restrictions in the postoperative period (the patient can return to work within several days);
  • Absence of serious operative and postoperative complications (such as choroidal detachment, intraocular hemorrhages, etc.);
  • This surgery does not provoke cataracts;
  • This surgery does not cause deep disturbance of the natural mechanisms of intraocular fluid (IOF) outflow;
  • The patient does not need prolonged eye drops and long periods of bed care.

Besides, NPDS allows getting rid of glaucoma at the early stages when there are no organic changes in the drainage system and optic nerve fibers.

Conventional surgeries (YAG — laser iridotomy, SRA — Scleral reconstruction of angle, etc.) and the method of removing the clear lens with the implantation of an artificial intraocular lens (if the lens does not match the size of the eye) are used for closed-angle glaucoma. The timely removal of the crystalline lens, in the absence of organic changes in the drainage system of the eye, makes it possible to avoid the disease, and if there are changes, to convert this poorly treatable form of glaucoma to a more favorable one —open-angle glaucoma.

Glaucoma surgery can be repeated. In addition to glaucoma surgery, a procedure may be performed to improve the blood supply to the eye. Various therapeutic methods are also used for the same purpose.

If glaucoma is combined with cataracts, Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic can handle both conditions at the same time.

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