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Anti-glaucoma program

Glaucoma prevention. Glaucoma prevention – An anti-glaucoma program has been developed and implemented at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic. It allows patients to be monitored and treated following the recommendations of the European Society of Glaucoma Surgeons. This approach implies dynamic monitoring by a specialist according to an individual program, control of intraocular pressure, and periodic full diagnostics.

Recently, a breakthrough in the glaucoma treatment has been achieved by drugs from prostaglandin analogs group. By reducing intraocular pressure, these drugs do not affect the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, preserving the patients’ habitual way of life.

Glaucoma prevention

Nowadays, there are no methods to regain lost functions or restore eyesight to those who have gone blind because of glaucoma. Therefore, the key point is to detect the condition in time and start treatment.

Preventive treatment of glaucoma requires regular check-ups by an ophthalmologist (at least once a year) and is especially important for people over 40. Without treatment, the disease progresses quickly and may lead to complete blindness within 5-7 years. Those who have relatives suffering from glaucoma need to start monitoring at an earlier age.


Simply measuring the intraocular pressure is not enough to detect the disease’s onset. It is required to examine the eye ground and optic disc in detail, as well as to perform a visual field study. This requires that the diagnostics be performed with a whole set of equipment.

Improving blood flow to the eye in glaucoma

Occasionally, the best glaucoma treatment may involve more than just surgery to normalize the drainage system. With insufficient nourishment of the retinal tissue, its light-receiving cells start to atrophy, even if the intraocular pressure has been reduced. In this case, it is suggested to resort to methods allowing to improve blood circulation in the eye. Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic offers a whole range of therapeutic methods such as ultrasound therapy, laser stimulation, vacuum massage, magnetotherapy, and electrical stimulation. In addition, vasoreconstructive surgery can be performed here, which increases blood flow by 20-25% by redistributing blood flow.

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