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Multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses are glasses (from Latin multum – “many”) that include several focal lengths in one lens. This is an optical device that corrects the vision of people with presbyopia. Age-related farsightedness occurs after 40-45 years, but in the initial stages it may be invisible. Avoiding presbyopia is almost impossible, but your eyes can be helped and corrected using various techniques. Spectacles with multifocal lenses are one proven way.

Types of multifocal glasses

Depending on the number of focal lengths, there are several types of multifocal glasses:

  • Bifocal glasses – you can buy this option in Ukraine in every optics. These are traditional glasses for presbyopes, which provide high-quality vision at two distances: far and near. With the help of bifocal glasses, you can read, write, look at a computer monitor, embroider, perform various manipulations at a distance of 15-30 cm. Also, in this “gadget” it is convenient to look into the distance, at a distance of more than 3 m.
  • Trifocal lenses for glasses. Their price is slightly higher than that of bifocals. The device is designed for the fact that its owner will see well in three directions: far, near and medium distance. Therefore, in trifocal glasses, you can perform all daily tasks without worrying about the quality of vision.
  • Progressive multifocal glasses. They have a lot of focal lengths, since the shift of the optical zones occurs smoothly, moving from point to point. Often, when talking about multifocal glasses, they mean this option. Progressive glasses have appeared not so long ago and are the most expensive optics among spectacle correction.

How it works

What is the secret of multifocal glasses? Everything is very simple: several glasses with different diopters are combined in one lens. When a person needs reading glasses, he does not take an extra pair, but simply looks down to the lower zone of the glasses. In this sector, diopters provide a plus additive. When you need to look into the distance, it is enough to look at the upper sector of the glasses. This zone contains the “minus” region of the lens.

Trifocal glasses have three optical zones. If a person wants to watch TV, at objects 1-3 m away from him, he looks straight, the pupils are opposite the middle optical zone, and he clearly sees at this distance.

Bifocal and trifocal glasses have a significant plus – you do not need to use additional optics for reading. But also consider the cons:

  • when transitioning between optical zones, the image may “twitch”;
  • it takes time to get used to the optics;
  • some models, along with diopters, “add” age, so you need to pay special attention to design.

How to choose multifocal glasses

Before choosing multifocal glasses, consider the needs for which you need them. If you only need reading glasses and don’t have myopia, you can use an ordinary pair of single vision glasses.

Multifocal glasses are especially needed for patients with myopia, they eliminate the need to have several pairs of glasses.

Also, do not forget about aesthetic parameters. When choosing optics, there are different models, multifocal glasses are no exception. Modern manufacturers perform them in very interesting frames. Focus on your style and face shape.

In general, it is better to choose multifocal glasses with a small frame. Usually the adaptation period in them passes faster, the sensations are more comfortable. If you have a large frame, you will have to buy wide lenses, their optical zones are a little “stretched”. This can cause inconvenience when shifting your gaze.

Multifocal lenses for Varilux glasses

Multifocal lenses for eyeglasses can be bought at opticians or ordered at an ophthalmology center.

The Eximer clinic offers multifocal lenses for Varilux glasses, the price for them corresponds to the high quality from the French manufacturer Essilor International. The company exists for more than 170 years, creates optics, taking into account innovations and technical progress. Varilux lenses are considered one of the best lenses in existence. The production takes into account the joint work of both eyes, as a single system of vision. This is done with revolutionary patented technologies from Essilor:

Nanoptix changes the lens structure. First, the lens is released from a plurality of optical segments, then they are recalculated, so that the light rays pass through each segment without deviation and do not cause the effect of “jumps” in the image. It can be argued that Varilux is the first dynamically stable lens.
SynchronEyes uses Rx data for both lenses. That is, it calculates their parameters as a whole. Due to this approach, a better image match and a high quality of spatial perception are provided.

Patented 4D technology is used to place the lens in the frame as accurately as possible. It takes into account not only the standard fitting parameters (angle of inclination, curvature of the frame, vertex distance), but also the anatomical features of each patient – head tilt, distance from the lens surface to the center of the pupil. It also takes into account which of the eyes is dominant. All this ensures accurate and comfortable vision at different distances.

Multifocal lenses for Varilux glasses are presented in several series:

  1. Varilux Comfort – the most famous and popular lenses from the Varilux line. They are ergonomic, and the design is always updated with modern trends in mind.
  2. Varilux S Design. The lenses are available in different lengths of the progression corridor.
  3. Varilux S Fit. Produced using Nanoptix and SynchronEyes technologies.
  4. Varilux S 4D. The lenses are made using 4D technology. Maximum adapted to the user’s eye, taking into account its individual parameters.

Which lenses are right for you, ask your doctor at the Eximer ophthalmological center.

Multifocal glasses: addictive

After you have purchased multifocal glasses, getting used to them takes 2-3 weeks. At first, you may experience discomfort, see “jumps” in the image, feel dizzy and eye fatigue. Therefore, use new glasses irregularly for the first 2-3 days. Pay special attention to the following points:

  • train 2-3 times a day to look at different distances – near, medium, far;
  • walk up the stairs with glasses on, slightly lowering your head – this will help you look at the lower zone;
  • do not drive in the first week of wearing;
  • Turn your head slightly to the side when using peripheral vision.

And most importantly, give up the old glasses forever, otherwise the addiction may be delayed.

Where to order multifocal glasses

You can buy multifocal glasses in different ways:

  • order in optics;
  • purchase a ready-made version;
  • order at the Eximer center.

An individual ordering method takes into account all the parameters of your vision, as well as the features of the anatomical structure of the eyes, bridge of the nose, and face. It is better to order multifocal glasses in the clinic because:

  • you undergo a complete vision diagnostics and examination on computerized equipment;
  • you can find out about the presence of other diagnoses before buying glasses – if you have glaucoma or cataracts, strabismus, then multifocal glasses are contraindicated for you;
  • you receive an individual prescription for glasses;
  • lenses have an aesthetically pleasing appearance due to the use of aspherical and toric surfaces;
  • glasses provide the most comfortable fit on your face;
  • lenses are designed for diopters that are right for you;
  • Lenses from leading manufacturers of optics are used.

Please note: the price of multifocal glasses in Ukraine may be different. It depends on the quality of the lens itself, the manufacturer of the frame and other nuances. But spectacle correction remains the most budgetary option for correcting presbyopia.

Multifocal lenses for presbyopia or laser correction

Multifocal lenses for presbyopia are not the only option for correcting age-related changes in vision. The option of bifocal and trifocal glasses fades into the background, is considered traditional, and even outdated. If you prefer to wear glasses, progressive multifocal glasses can be used. They provide good vision at far, medium and near distances, but they do not have a clear distinction between these optical zones. The gaze can be translated smoothly without experiencing discomfort.

Multifocal contact lenses work in a similar way. If you buy multifocal lenses for glasses, their cost will be much lower than the price of contact lenses. The latter need to be changed regularly, care for them properly. Additional eye drops may be needed when worn. But contact lenses are more aesthetic, they are not noticeable in the eye, they are comfortable and do not cause inconvenience.

The most effective way to correct vision for presbyopia is a laser technique. With the help of a unique German technology, which is available at the Eximer clinic, an ophthalmologist surgeon can correct age-related changes in the eyes so that the patient receives high-quality vision at different distances. However, it will not use optics. This method began to be used back in 2009, but only recently it came to Ukraine.

To choose the right correction method, choose and buy glasses with multifocal lenses, learn how to put on contact progressive lenses, make an appointment with an ophthalmologist at the Eximer clinic. We remain the leading center in Ukraine for the introduction of new laser technologies and for vision correction of varying complexity.

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