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Olena Omelchuk


Work experience: 5 years


– Diagnostics and consultation

– Pre- and post-operative examination


In 2018 — She graduated from the Zaporizhzhia State Medical University. Faculty of Medicine, Medical care.

2020 — Internship in specialty Ophthalmology.

Professional activity

2020-2022 — Ophthalmologist retinologist at the company “Vizus”, Zaporizhzhia.

2022-2023 — Ophthalmologist at Novyi Zir Medical Center.

From August 2023 – Ophthalmologist at Eximer Medical Center.

Certification training

2023 — Instructional course and master class with Wet-lab “Peripheral prophylactic laser coagulation of the retina”.

2023 — CASE CLUB All-Ukrainian ophthalmology marathon.

2022 — Training on mastering practical skills “From the cornea to the retina”.

2022 — Training on mastering practical skills “Refractive Plein Air”.

2021 — Participant of the conference “Ophthalmological spring: without preservatives”.

2021 — Participant of the conference “Modern methods and approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.”

2021 — Participant of the conference “Diagnostic errors in the practice of an ophthalmologist”.

2021 – Participant of the Retina Lviv Scientific and Practical Conference.

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