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Nadiia Lysenko


Work experience: 4 years


– Diagnostics and counseling

– Pre- and post-operative examination


2013-2020 — Kyiv Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Medical care.

2020-2022 — National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk, specialty Ophthalmology.

Professional activity

2020-2021 — Intern ophthalmologist at the Kyiv Eye Microsurgery Center.

Functional duties:

– assistant in operations for pathologies of the retina, vitreous body and lens;

– management of the patient before surgery and in the postoperative period;

– subconjunctival and parabulbar administration of drugs.

2021-2022 — Intern ophthalmologist at Novyi Zir and Eximer ophthalmological centers, Kyiv

Functional duties:

– work in the diagnostic department.

– selection of glasses and MCL

– participation in initial and repeated consultation, adult and children’s departments

Since 2022 — Ophthalmologist at Eximer Medical Center, Kyiv

Functional duties:

– examination of patients for pre- and post-operative interventions

Certification training

2022 – Basic Principles of Ophthalmoplastic Surgery, under the leadership of the Association of Specialists in Ophthalmoplasty and Ocular Prosthetics ASOEP

2022 – Wet Lab master class: “Intravitreal administration of medications” at the Medical Training Center Novyi Zir

2022 – Thematic improvement course “Optical coherence tomography (OCT), OCT-angiography”

2022 – Thematic improvement course “Basic principles of optical coherence tomography (OCT), OCT-angiography: from theory to practice”

2022 – Thematic improvement course “Ocular surface. New views on a modern problem”

2022 –  Thematic improvement course «Modern problems of glaucoma treatment (therapeutic, laser and surgical»

2022 –  Thematic improvement course «Laser methods of treatment of retinal disease. Laser methods of glaucoma treatment».

2022 – Thematic improvement course «Laser treatment methods in ophthalmology».

2023 – “Neuro-ophthalmology and Standard Automated Perimetry course” under the leadership of “EACCME” (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education)

Professional interests and self-improvement

– Participation in conferences and seminars of ophthalmology under general medicine.

– Active scientific activity in the field of ophthalmology;

– Learning English, mastering a professional thesaurus.

About doctor

Nadiia is a young but very diligent and talented, ambitious doctor.  She strives to acquire new knowledge and skills in order to realize herself as a retinologist in the future. Nadiya persistently attends numerous courses, master classes and trainings for professional development.

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