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Nadiia Lysenko


Work experience: 5 years


– Diagnostics and counseling

– Pre- and post-operative examination


2013-2020 — Kyiv Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Medical care.

2020-2022 — National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupyk, specialty Ophthalmology.

Professional activity

2020-2021 — Intern ophthalmologist at the Kyiv Eye Microsurgery Center.

Functional duties:

– assistant in operations for pathologies of the retina, vitreous body and lens;

– management of the patient before surgery and in the postoperative period;

– subconjunctival and parabulbar administration of drugs.

2021-2022 — Intern ophthalmologist at Novyi Zir and Eximer ophthalmological centers, Kyiv

Functional duties:

– work in the diagnostic department.

– selection of glasses and MCL

– participation in initial and repeated consultation, adult and children’s departments

Since 2022 — Ophthalmologist at Eximer Medical Center, Kyiv

Functional duties:

– examination of patients for pre- and post-operative interventions

Certification training

2022 – Basic Principles of Ophthalmoplastic Surgery, under the leadership of the Association of Specialists in Ophthalmoplasty and Ocular Prosthetics ASOEP

2022 – Wet Lab master class: “Intravitreal administration of medications” at the Medical Training Center Novyi Zir

2022 – Thematic improvement course “Optical coherence tomography (OCT), OCT-angiography”

2022 – Thematic improvement course “Basic principles of optical coherence tomography (OCT), OCT-angiography: from theory to practice”

2022 – Thematic improvement course “Ocular surface. New views on a modern problem”

2022 –  Thematic improvement course «Modern problems of glaucoma treatment (therapeutic, laser and surgical»

2022 –  Thematic improvement course «Laser methods of treatment of retinal disease. Laser methods of glaucoma treatment».

2022 – Thematic improvement course «Laser treatment methods in ophthalmology».

2023 – “Neuro-ophthalmology and Standard Automated Perimetry course” under the leadership of “EACCME” (European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education)

Professional interests and self-improvement

– Participation in conferences and seminars of ophthalmology under general medicine.

– Active scientific activity in the field of ophthalmology;

– Learning English, mastering a professional thesaurus.

About doctor

Nadiia is a young but very diligent and talented, ambitious doctor.  She became interested in retinology during her internship, because this field requires constant development and deep knowledge. She has completed numerous courses in retinology under the guidance of experienced doctors, luminaries in her field and continues to improve further in this direction.

Nadiia is proficient in the techniques of peripheral prophylactic laser coagulation of the retina, selective laser trabeculoplasty, and laser dissection of secondary cataracts.

For Nadiia the most important thing is to establish harmonious joint work with the patient to achieve their full recovery.


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