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Ekaterina Babii


Work experience: 11 years


– Specialist in refractive surgery

– Modern methods of vision diagnostics

– Treatment of dry eye syndrome (IPL Xenon)


In 2012 – She graduated from the Odesa Regional Basic Medical College, specializing in General Medicine.

2012-2018 – She studied at the Odesa National Medical University, specializing in General Medicine.

2018-2020 – She completed an internship at the Odesa National Medical University.

Professional activity

2018-2021 – She worked as an optometrist in the «Ochi» optometrist network.

2020-2021 – She worked at Medea and Comlimed Family Medicine Clinic as an ophthalmologist.

Since April 2021 – She is an ophthalmologist at Eximer Ophthalmology Clinic in Odesa.

Certification training

Since 2018 – She is a member of the Association of Preventive and Anti-aging Medicine.


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